CCTV Applications

CCTV Systems are flexible, reliable and economical, making them an ideal solution for a variety of surveillance applications. Commonly used in homes, retail stores, schools and restaurants, CCTV technology has proven to be a cost effective answer to security issues in a variety of applications.


Homes, apartments and condos benefit from the increased security CCTV systems offers. Homeowners can increase personal safety and neighborhood security by monitoring their homes and property. It’s no secret that security cameras can help deter burglars. One of the most important reasons CCTV technology is used in homes is to provide police with video that can be used to help identify suspects in the event of a crime. Additionally, homeowners can submit video to insurance companies when making a claim.

Home CCTV security cameras allow parents to monitor kids, housekeepers and childcare providers. Keeping a watchful eye on those in your home helps ensure safety and honesty. Another interesting home application is using CCTV cameras to monitor pets. Especially convenient with elderly, sick or animals still being trained, pet surveillance is a great way to monitor your pet’s health and behavior.


From independent boutiques to vast home improvement warehouse stores, every retail site can benefit from the increased security CCTV technology provides. Visible cameras deter shoplifters and protect cash and merchandise from employee theft. Additionally, security cameras can increase staff work ethic and encourage customer service.

In addition to increasing security, video surveillance can be utilized to maximize profits. Stores can monitor merchandising efforts by analyzing customer behavior at point of sales displays via video. Also valuable is the opportunity to evaluate foot traffic through the store. This can help stores optimize layout, decorating and organization, monitor stock and analyze efficiency of checkout areas.


With so much staff to supervise, restaurants often lose money and goods to dishonest or careless employees. Minimizing the number of workers who handle cash is a worthwhile precaution, but installing a CCTV system is the only way to monitor the most important parts of a restaurant 24-7. Restaurants should consider installing cameras at every cash register, as well as in stock rooms and in the kitchen. In many cases, just knowing the cameras are recording will encourage employees to act honestly. If grievances are committed, security video can be used as proof as grounds for discipline or dismissal.


Students deserve to learn in safety. Schools are responsible for making security a top priority. With CCTV technology, administrators are able to monitor students, staff and visitors. Video surveillance can capture illicit behavior, such as smoking or drug use, theft, bullying and violence. In some cases, camera presence may even deter unwanted behavior and maintain student discipline. Administrators can also record classrooms and teacher-student interaction. Additionally, cameras can be used to monitor registered visitors and determine intruders.

CCTV systems can be used in a variety of applications to encourage people to behave responsibly, as well as provide evidence in case of misbehavior or criminal activity. With indoor and outdoor cameras available, systems offer flexible installation to accommodate a variety of other scenarios including parking garages, offices and elderly care centers.